It gives me great pleasure to provide this reference for Santiago Murias' work as a translator. I first had the opportunity to see Santiago's work in my capacity as Director of Spanish Programs at Jones International University (JIU); a Denver-based institution of higher education that provides on-line instruction.
Santiago translated a large portion of the MBA that JIU was to offer for Spanish-speaking students. Not only did Santiago provide accurate renditions, but he also did so in a timely manner.
After this project was completed, I have continued to collaborate with Santiago on a wide range of translation projects over a number of years. I can attest of Santiago's high degree of professionalism and commitment to the field of translation.

Prof. Gladys Matthews, PhD. / Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Programs in Interpretation
College of Charleston, Department of Hispanic Studies Charleston
If technical translation is difficult to begin with, when it concerns theater technology - with its own particular terms that vary significantly from country to country - and the difficulties inherent in the legal and financial terminology used in competitive bidding processes are added to the mix, the job, of producing translations that are understandable to those who must evaluate their contents becomes a truly gargantuan task. In a number of projects including the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires, the Teatro Argentino of La Plata, and Valencia’s Palacio de las Artes, Santiago Murias has provided us with translations from Spanish into English - and vice versa - that have enabled our interlocutors to fully understand both the material in question and the technical requirements involved. In order to achieve this, Santiago has taken part in a number of meetings with us, so as to obtain deep insight into the technology he would have to describe. He has thus already become an important member of our multidisciplinary team.
Jorge Escudero / General Manager
Hoffend Argentina S.A.
[Santiago Murias] gives timely and accurate responses, and has sensitivity to nuances so critical in effective communication.
He also makes a big effort to understand the real meaning of each issue.
James J. Park / CEO
With regard to Santiago Murias’ professional and personal performance, over the course of many years he has always provided us with excellent service, demonstrating remarkable commitment to efficiency, cooperation and punctuality.
Dr. Lorenzo Gnecco / Partner
Law Offices of Mitrani, Caballero y Ojam
I have worked with Santiago Murias for many years, during which my company has frequently requested his services for the translation of accounting and financial material. I have to say that I am extremely pleased with his prompt, efficient and client-friendly service. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.
Martín Grosso / Internal Audit Manager
AB Mauri Hispanoamérica
My group of companies has been working with Santiago for more than 15 years, entrusting him with the translation of documents relating to a variety of economic, legal, and business matters. His work has always been of the highest quality. I would recommend his services with no reservations whatsoever.
Walter G. Fischer / Marketing Manager
Trust Investment Realty, LLC
I would rate the overall quality of his work as excellent. If ‘10’ is outstanding, I would give him a ‘10’. A thing I believe is a plus in Santiago, and something I have not frequently seen in other translators is that when he is not sure about the application of a specific term, he goes back to the client in order to get some feed-back, and thus be able to choose the best translation and make sure he does not cause any misunderstandings. I would no doubtingly use his services again. I have actually hired his services for over 12 years.I highly recommend Santiago, as he has been the most responsible and most accurate translator I have ever worked with.
Gabriela I. Fujita / Contract Advisor Upstream Production and Facilities
Recently, during a technical training seminar, we had the privilege to work with Mr. Santiago Murias, who is a certified translator in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Mr. Murias has a very professional demeanor, is well-educated, and is very articulate in both Spanish and English. Additionally, Mr. Murias proved to be an invaluable cultural asset during our stay.
We recommend him for your translation needs while touring in Argentina. Mr. Murias' services are recommendable and we know that you would be pleased with him.

Richard Steele / International Operations
High End Systems
Santiago has been looking after our Spanish translations for quite a few years now. His professionalism, flexibility and accuracy have always impressed us. He has always been an extremely reliable provider and his flexible approach to deadlines is outstanding. I can predict our professional relationship will be a long one.
Yolanda Morales / Head of Marketing
PAM Global Investments
Santiago Murias belongs to a generation of translation professors who have turned research into an essential part of the training of new translators.

Dr. Mónica Voglino / Director
Translation School of the University of Buenos Aires
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