Hoffend & Sons, Inc. / Hoffend Argentina, S.A.
Theater Equipment

Technical texts; a variety of legal documents; contracts; competitive bidding documents.

Alto Palermo Centros Comerciales
Commercial Developments

A series of contractual, legal and business documents concerning the establishment of Wal-Mart in Argentina; legal and financial material concerning commercial developments.

Universidad de Buenos Aires
Higher Education

Informational material included in presentations before international organizations; cooperation agreements.

Poalim Asset Management
Financial Services

Economic and financial information; market reports; research notes; presentations on financial products; marketing material for investment products; corporate web pages.

Russell Investment Group (UK)
Financial Services

Financial and economic information; presentations on financial products.

Lightwave Research / High End Systems
Lighting Technology

Technical texts; marketing material.

Grupo Techint
Heavy Industry

A variety of legal documents, including contracts, documents on labor laws and texts of same.

Mercury Communications S.A.

Telecommunications documents; contracts; legal and technical documentation for competitive bidding processes.

Estudio Giménez Hutton
Legal Services

Franchise agreements; a variety of legal documentation.

AB Mauri Hispanoamérica
Food Industry

Legal and financial documents; audit reports; accounting information; product information; information on health, safety and environment.

Baker & McKenzie
Legal Services

Consulting services on legal terminology related to the establishment of Wal-Mart in Argentina.

Organización Veraz / Equifax
Credit Information

Laws; contracts.

Strategic Policy Reseach, Inc.
Telecommunications Consulting Services

Documents concerning regulatory frameworks for telecommunications services; implementation studies.

Ogden Rural, S.A.
Venues for the Organization of Fairs and other Events

Advertising material.

AB Mauri / Fleischmann’s Yeast
Food Industry

Product information and marketing material for the company's corporate web page.

Bruchou, Fernández Madero, Lombardi & Mitrani
Legal Services

Business and labor law documentation; contracts.

Fenix Entertainment Group
Entertainment Industry


Market Research

Market research material; presentations; contracts; technical documentation.

Jones International University
Higher Education

Educational material for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree courses, including texts on marketing, electronic commerce, micro and macroeconomics, Internet communications, accounting and finance.

Generali Group
Insurance and financial products

Financial information; training materials.

Trust Investment Realty LLC
Real Estate Development

Legal and financial documents concerning real estate developments in the USA.

Petrolera Argentina San Jorge
Oil and Gas

Contracts; business organization documents; legal documentation; oil and gas reserve reports; financial information; financial statements.
Electronic Commerce

Texts concerning the development of the electronic commerce portal and its platform; marketing material.

Chemical Industry

Technical material concerning the manufacturing of automotive refinishing product; texts on health, safety and environment; contracts; labor law documents; financial information.

Oil and Gas

Documents concerning oil and gas exploration and production; contracts and other legal documentation; financial information.

Financial Services

Financial and tax-related documents.

SGSII / Chateau Group
Real Estate Development

Legal and financial documents concerning real estate developments in the USA.

Bank Hapoalim
Private Banking

Financial information; marketing material for financial and banking services.

González Taboada, Guevara y Asociados

Advertising material for web portals.

Oil and Gas

Financial, technical and legal texts concerning upstream oil and gas activities; news articles; press releases; roadshow presentations; geological information.

Chemotécnica S.A.
Chemical Industry

Text concerning chemical production; material on compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations.

DeGolyer & MacNaughton
Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

Corporate documentation; reports on oil and gas reserves.

Mitrani, Caballero y Ojam
Legal Services

Contracts; a variety of legal documentation; texts on labor regulations.

Theatre Projects, Inc.
Theater Equipment

Technical documentation; contracts; marketing material.

Revista Ecología & Negocios
Specialized Journalism

Articles on a variety of environmental issues from The New York Times, and Science Magazine, among other publications.

Peritus Translation Services
Translation Services

Legal texts; contracts.

PPG Industries
Automotive Refinishing Products

Technical documents; legal material.

Translation Services

Market reports; economic and financial information (Scotiabank, Citibank).

International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI)
Government Audit

Materials concerning government audit programs and procedures; press releases; training materials.

Court-appointed Positions

Court-appointed translator in several legal cases, noteworthy among which was Soriani vs. IBM, a leading case regarding the issuing of stock options in the Argentine Republic.

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